The prospect of the coming of Yhwh to Jerusalem is a pervasive theme in Zechariah and supports the interpretation of Zech 9:9 as a description of the entrance of Yhwh into the city. This view is not excluded by the necessity of reading “your (Zion’s) king” as a third-person self-reference by Yhwh himself. None of the terms used to describe the royal personage in this verse rule out the supposition that it depicts Yhwh. The figure seated on an ass is shown to be a metaphorical description of the coronation and enthronement of Yhwh in the eschaton. The allusion to Ps 72:8 in Zech 9:10b is a reapplication of the picture of the Davidic world rule to the universal dominion of the Divine King. Finally, consistent with this interpretation, it is argued that the Gospels of Matthew and John use Zech 9:9 in the scene of Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem to proclaim the highest Christology of all, depicting Jesus as God in the flesh.

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