Mark’s Gospel conveys an explicit Christology (Jesus is Messiah, Divine Son, Son of Man, and so on), which is inscribed clearly on the surface of the text. But it also contains a “secret” implied Christology that remains below the text’s surface and is perceivable only by those who follow Mark’s hints and discover how to connect the dots. To elucidate this implied Christology requires making two distinctions: first, between the story level (what characters say to each other in the narrative) and the discourse level (what the implied author communicates to the reader); and, second, between messages on the discourse level that are communicated explicitly (for example, direct statements by the narrator) and those that are only implied through hints and pointers, polyvalent expressions, allusions to texts not quoted, and so on. Careful attention to Mark’s discourse-level hints provides access to his secret Yhwh Christology: Jesus is the embodied God, the presence of Yhwh on earth.

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