Many scholars believe the apostle Paul violated the original meaning when he quoted Habakkuk as “the just shall live by faith” in Rom 1:17 and Gal 3:11. Against a growing consensus, I argue that ʾĕmũnâ in Hab 2:4 means “faith.” First, “faith” fits the context of the vision in vv. 2–3. Second, it was also probably the meaning in 1QpHab. Third, Paul and the author of Hebrews interpreted ʾĕmũnâ as “faith.” Fourth, ʾĕmũnâ was the natural choice if Habakkuk wanted a word for “faith,” especially if he was alluding to Gen 15:6. And finally, “faith” is the quality called for by the remainder of the book (e.g., 2:14; 3:13) and exhibited by the prophet in his concluding hymn of faith in 3:16–19.

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