The purpose of the present study is twofold: (1) to deduce the meaning of Moses' shining face and his veil in Exod 34:29–35 and (2) to understand how these terms function in the context of the book of Exodus, chs. 32–34 specifically. Scholars rightly translate the verb קרן as "to shine," but there is no consensus as to its function. Unlike some interpretations, this article argues that Moses' shining face functions to signify God's goodness and grace to the Israelites, not his judgment and wrath. The attendant "veil" is more akin to a head-scarf and should not be confused with the veil of the tabernacle. The function of the veil is simple–it is worn as a response to the Israelites' fear in Exod 34:30 and used by Moses to conceal his face when he is not operating as a mediator.

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