John's vision for the future includes statements concerning the nations of the earth that have been interpreted in terms of a final conversion of all nations in the future. Most interpreters find such a soteriological universalism in Rev 21:3, 24–27 and 22:2–3, R. J. Bauckham seeks to establish such a hope for 11:3–13; 14:14–16 and 15:2–4 as well. Bauckham rejects the traditional view that the vision of the New Jerusalem refers only to Christians, the covenant people redeemed from all the nations, as the inhabitants of the new world. He argues that John fuses the OT promises for the destiny of God's own people and the universal hope that all the nations will become God's people: John foresees the full inclusion of all the nations in Israel's and the church's covenant privileges and promises. This paper interacts with Bauckham's interpretation of the relevant passages in Revelation.

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