Historical Jesus studies today have focused on Jesus' role as prophet, but few have sought to define "what kind of prophet" Jesus might be. Since that same scholarship has usefully shaped its attention around the "actions" of Jesus, pursuing the "kind of prophet" Jesus is in light of actions narrows the evidence sufficiently. Accordingly, when one examines the so-called "prophetic actions" of Jesus, a coherent picture of Jesus as the eschatological prophet like Moses emerges. This study examines the prophetic actions of Jesus in light of the prophetic actions of the preclassical and classical prophets, as well as similar types of actions on the part of the Jewish popular movement prophets and Moses. While Jesus' actions show some similarities with the actions of the preclassical and classical prophets, his actions are more like the popular prophetic movements of the first century, especially as they evoke themes of Moses and Joshua, and his actions also show striking parallels with Moses' actions.

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