The Huntington Theatre's 2018 season included Bernard Weinraub's new play Fall. The play is a fictional account, though largely based on limited information provided in the Vanity Fair article “Arthur Miller's Missing Act.” Fall attempts to chronicle the familial struggles between playwright Arthur Miller and his third wife, Austrian-born photojournalist Inge Morath, over their son Daniel, who has Down syndrome. The play harshly accuses the playwright, considered the ethical voice of his generation, of fraudulency and acting incongruously to his moralistic dramas by erasing Daniel from his life in order to protect his image and career. This article discusses how Fall was written by a playwright with a background in plagiarism and yellow journalism aesthetics, how the play was built largely on conjecture, and then how, in the Huntington production, the play disingenuously presented itself as fact in script, direction, design, and advertisement.

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