Within the Los Angeles stand-up comedy scene, the podcast has become an increasingly popular communication medium for alternative comic performance. Comedians Jimmy Pardo of Never Not Funny (NNF), Scott Aukerman of Comedy Bang-Bang (CBB), Jesse Thorn and Jordan Morris of Jordan, Jesse, GO!, and Doug Benson of Doug Loves Movies (DLM) have been using the podcast as an artistic outlet and tool for self-promotion over the last several years. These podcasters have each forged distinct places for themselves within this community, and their use of this upstart medium represents an important case study in the shifting cultural dynamics that the podcast introduces. The podcast medium allows this group of comedians not only to skirt FCC regulations and produce content not indebted to advertisers, gatekeepers, club owners, or executives, but also to feel empowered that their content will reach their most ardent fans in the most direct, intimate way.

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