Vol. 25, No. 1

Table of Contents

Input Subsidies and Women Entrepreneurship: Evidence from Tanzania

Rehema Mussa Karata and Christian Otchia

Comparing Agricultural Industry Impacts on the National Economy: An Analytical Approach for Policymakers

Peter Goldsmith, Sandy Dall’Erba, and Elizabeth Venable

The Role of Time Zone Differences on Bilateral Service Flows from Kenya

Socrates Majune, John Kamau Gathiaka, and Michael Ndwiga

Procuring for Pandemics through Joint Procurement Association in the European Union: Lessons for Southern Development Community (SADC) and East African Community (EAC)

Alex Nduhura, John Paul Settumba, Paul Wanume, MT Lukamba, Thekiso Molokwane, and Costa Hofisi

Migration and Remittances in Senegal: Effect on Households Members Left Behind

Ameth Saloum Ndiaye and Abdelkrim Araar


Erratum: Please note that a previous version of this table of contents had misspellings of two author names as Rehema Mussa Karat and MT Ukamba.

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