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Issue Cover
Current Issue
Volume 24,
Issue 2
December 2023

About the Journal

The Journal of African Development (JAD) was first published in 1988 as Journal of African Finance and Economic Development. It is a top ranked journal in Africa’s development economics. It publishes original research papers relating to all aspects of Africa’s development economics—from immediate policy concerns to structural economic and development challenges. While the emphasis is on quantitative work that is novel and relevant; groundbreaking theoretical work is highly encouraged. Articles that take up questions on Africa’s development economics that are of interest to the general readers of JAD, from both micro and macro perspectives are welcomed. Those that provide in-depth studies of a specific country, region, cross-country, industry, firm, organization(s) or cases, and whose findings are likely to be of great interest to the general readers of JAD, with attainable and specific policy recommendations, will be considered.

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African Finance and Economic Association

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Journal of African Development is the official publication of the African Finance and Economic Association (AFEA). AFEA is a professional Association for academicians and practitioners (government and industry) of economics, finance, and related disciplines with scholarly, professional or other similar interests in the development of Africa. Membership in AFEA is open to individuals and organizations having an interest in the development, understanding, teaching, and application of the principles and theories of economics and finance as they relate to Africa.

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