Why are streaming and podcast platforms beyond the traditional radio cabin central for indigenous radios? Mexico has about seventy-three indigenous radios. The P'urhépecha region in Michoacán has more than a dozen indigenous broadcasting projects, some of which have turned to streaming and podcasts as alternatives to counter infringement on their sovereignty. Indigenous radios have inserted the radio into internal communal processes while exercising their right to technological sovereignty. From a community-engaged participatory approach in Huecorio, Michoacán, through the lens of technological sovereignty and Comunalidad, this article argues that indigenous radios affirm their right to preserve, revitalize, and reclaim their languages, cultures, and identities through technology and innovation. This article also discusses the experiences of indigenous radios in Michoacán within a broader context of indigenous radios in Mexico to then analyze the podcast project by Radio Uekorheni in Michoacán as a platform that fosters technological sovereignty, communal-based practices, and language revival.

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