This article describes the author's journey through the collaborative process of making six award-winning books, all of which begin with the principle of “Learning from Country,” which the author encountered while working in the Aboriginal community of Papunya (Northern Territory, Australia) and later used with culturally diverse urban students in Sydney. This experience confirms that Indigenous principles of education are best-practice pedagogical principles, no matter where the learning takes place. Whatever “country” (whether city or bush) students live on, and whatever “country” (geopolitical nation) their families originally come from, a way of learning that puts the Aboriginal sense of Country (encompassing home, homeland, environment, and habitat) at the center is the holistic way of learning that young people need in the twenty-first century if they are to sustain the very planet they live on. This model of learning, collaborative and co-operative, also confirms students both in their individual identity and in their sense of belonging to their neighborhood community.

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