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Information for Publishers

Scholarly Publishing Collective as a Publishing Partner

The Scholarly Publishing Collective is a collaboration between nonprofit scholarly journal publishers and societies that is managed by Duke University Press.

Through the Collective, publishers have access to resources that would otherwise be cost-prohibitive, such as a best-in-class web platform, proven customer relations and library relations teams, and a network of global sales agents with insight into university press content.

Hosting platform

Journals are hosted on the Silverchair hosting platform. Through the Collective’s partnership with Silverchair, publishers benefit from fully responsive journal websites that adapt to any display size and have a user-friendly, easy-to-navigate interface. Features of the platform include support for:

  • advance-publication articles
  • the ability for non-subscribers to purchase access to full issues and articles
  • the ability to search and filter results across journal, publisher, or Collective content
  • robust usage statistics
  • support for supplemental data files, including media



Allison Belan
Director for Strategic Innovation and Services
Duke University Press


“Finding a powerful hosting platform for our eighty scholarly journals, as well as securing the expert sales and marketing services of the Collective, will transport our journals to new levels of impact,” said Patrick Alexander, director of Penn State University Press. “We’re thrilled about offering enhanced services to our societies, journal editors, and libraries, and we are eager to work with colleagues at Duke University Press, one of the most talented teams in university press publishing.”

"Silverchair is very proud to support the Scholarly Publishing Collective and, through Duke University Press, to support more presses and other mission-driven publishers," said Sarah Heid, Vice President of Customer Success at Silverchair. "Scholarship and society are enriched by these types of organizations being able to share their content with the world, and we're honored to be a part of that."

“Duke University Press has developed infrastructure for our own publishing program that we can share with our fellow UP journal publishers and society publishers to support them at a time when sustaining their journals program is critical to sustaining their overall mission. Through the Collective, the partners expand their ability to disseminate, promote, and increase the impact of scholarship. More than fifteen years of investment and experience and skill-building have gone into being able to do this, and we want to leverage our experience for our Collective partners,” said Allison Belan, Director for Strategic Innovation and Services at Duke University Press.

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