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Information for Librarians

The Scholarly Publishing Collective, managed by Duke University Press and powered by Silverchair, serves the library community by providing consistent, high-quality services for collection development, support, and access. The Collective journals are hosted on the Silverchair hosting platform, which many librarians know as a home to titles from Duke University Press and other distinguished publishers.

The Scholarly Publishing Collective’s platform launched to the public on January 4, 2022.

Duke University Press is now accepting renewal orders for the 2024 subscription year. Browse the list of partner publishers and journals.

If your institution is a current or former subscriber to a journal from the partner publishers, please see the resources below to stay up-to-date on this migration.

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Administrative Information

Frequently Asked Questions

What publications are affected?
Over 130 scholarly electronic journals from the partner publishers listed above. These titles were previously hosted on JSTOR's Journal Hosting Program. See the complete list of affected titles on the Collective.

Did all titles from JSTOR's Journal Hosting Program move to the Collective?
No, only the journals from the Collective partner publishers (University of Illinois Press, Michigan State UP, Penn State UP, and SBL Press) are included in this program. See the complete list of affected titles that moved to the Collective. For information about other titles previously hosted on JSTOR, please see JSTOR’s page about the end of the Journal Hosting Program.

What years/volumes are hosted on the new platform?
Available content differs by title. This information is included on the price and title sheet.

When did the new platform launch?
The platform,, formally launched on January 4, 2022  JSTOR continued to provide grace access to former Journal Hosting Program content through February 28, 2022.

What are the new URLs for the journals?
A complete URL crosswalk file is available.

Do the JSTOR URLs redirect to the new platform?
The articles' JSTOR URLs redirect to the new platform. The Collective has coordinated with all of the major discovery and link resolver services and with Google Scholar to ensure the articles are indexed with the new URLs.

Did Duke UP acquire/become the publisher of these journals?
No, Duke UP is providing hosting services and subscription management, and provides marketing and sales support, but the partner presses remain the publisher of their respective journals.

How do library e-resource administrators manage these subscriptions?
The Collective’s platform is powered by Silverchair, and uses the same administrative dashboard as Duke UP’s current platform. This site is Customers with existing subscriptions on the Duke UP platform use the same credentials. 
How do I renew a subscription to one of the affected titles?
Duke University Press manages payment and renewals for these titles. Subscription pricing for the 2024 calendar year is available, and renewal information will be sent to current subscribers and subscription agents from Duke University Press on behalf of the Scholarly Publishing Collective and the publisher. Subscribers and subscription agents can remit payments and send questions to Duke University Press at

How do I review my institution’s holdings?
Log into the Administrative Dashboard using the same credentials as your Duke University Press admin account. You will see all holdings from DUP as well as the Scholarly Publishing Collective publishers listed in this interface. Please note that some perpetual holdings are still being entered into our systems.

Where do I download usage?
Log into the Administrative Dashboard using the same credentials as your Duke University Press admin account. There are tabs at the top of the interface for COUNTER 4 and COUNTER 5 reports. These reports will contain usage for all publishers on the platform as well as Duke UP. Scholarly Publishing Collective usage is only available from January 2022 forward. Usage from 2021 and earlier can be requested from JSTOR.

Is a site license required for electronic access?
A site license is not required. Please see our terms and conditions.

Are Collective titles be available as a collection or added to the e-Duke Journals Collection?
Scholarly Publishing Collective titles are only available as single-title subscriptions for 2022. Publisher-specific collections are available for MSUP, PSUP, and UIP journals beginning with the 2023 volume.

What is the EZProxy stanza for this platform?
OCLC has created an EZProxy stanza for the journal content that are hosted by the Scholarly Publishing Collective as follows:

Title Scholarly Publishing Collective (updated 20211013)



Please send questions and comments to We communicate regularly with librarians throughout the migration process. Please use the form below to sign up to receive email updates from our team.

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