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Information for Subscription Agents

Pricing information for agents for the 2024 calendar year is now available for journals whose subscriptions are managed through the Scholarly Publishing Collective. This includes electronic subscriptions to journals published by Michigan State University Press, Penn State University Press, the Society of Biblical Literature, the University of Illinois Press, and the American Mental Health Counselors Association, as well as print subscriptions to journals published by Cornell University Press, Texas Tech University Press, the University of North Carolina Press, and West Virginia University Press.

Resources for Agents


How to Order

Information to include with order files

  • Journal name
  • Format (print+electronic or electronic-only as applicable)
  • Publication code
  • End user institution (including full address, IP ranges and email address)
  • Purchase order number
  • FTP guidelines and Publisher-to-Agent files available upon request. Email

Other ways to order

  • Print only format may be available for select titles. Contact the individual publisher for options.


Print claims must be made with the publisher:

Michigan State University Press:
Penn State University Press:
SBL Press:
University of Illinois Press:

Claims for electronic access may be sent to

Terms and conditions

Please see our Scholarly Publishing Collective Terms and Conditions.


The commission on all single-title journal orders varies depending on if a subscription agent’s orders satisfy our requirements. To be eligible for commission, agents must provide the following items for each order:

  • end user address
  • shipping address (print orders only)
  • Duke University Press customer number for renewals
  • agent reference number
  • prepayment (proof of wire payments required)
  • product and volume year
  • institutional contact information, including customer email address
  • IP addresses (for orders with an electronic component)
  • electronic files in ICEDIS or other format approved by Duke University Press

Commissions and terms may be different from DUP journals or across publishers. If you do not know your commission rate, please contact

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