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Current Issue
Volume 21-22
Spring 2023

About the Journal

Sponsored by the French Colonial Historical Society (FCHS), French Colonial History is an annual volume of refereed, scholarly articles. The journal covers all aspects of French colonization and the history of all French colonies, reflecting the temporal span, geographical breadth, and diversity of subject matter that characterize the scholarly interests of the Society.

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French Colonial Historical Society

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The French Colonial Historical Society encourages interest in the scholarly study of all aspects of the history of French colonization, the overseas French territories, and the legacies of French empire. It provides its members with various channels, including newsletters, annual meetings, a website, and French Colonial History, a refereed journal published by Michigan State University Press. The Society awards the Heggoy and Boucher Prizes annually for outstanding books on French colonial history, and it presents the Eccles Prize to the best paper by a graduate student delivered at the annual FCHS conference.

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