An assessment of the major fishery resources of Laguna de Bay was conducted in 1995–1996. The study covered the socio-economics of landed fish catch and inventory of fishing gears. The socio-economic survey covered 3,055 fishermen; 87.5% were full-time workers and the rest were part-time. The total fishing effort exerted in the open waters of Laguna de Bay was 10,653,220 hours with a catch per unit effort of 0.25 kg h−1. The total fish production was 8,146 and 2,668 metric tons in 1995 and 1996, respectively. The catch mainly consisted of 13 species and was made with 20 gear types. Among the gear types, the gill net, fish corral, motorized push net, fyke net, fish pot, fish trap, and manual seine with fish shelter were considered major gear.

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