A special session entitled “Linkages of lakes, rivers, estuaries and oceans: Asia-Pacific focus” was organized at the 2010 SETAC Asia-Pacific Conference, held from 4–7 June, in Guangzhou, China. The session was designed to focus on an ecosystemic approach, emphasizing the connectivity between various aquatic ecosystems from lakes, rivers and estuaries to seas. This resulting special issue is based mostly on papers presented in the session, but some articles were solicited after the conference based on their relevance to the theme. All manuscripts underwent pre-processing by the AEHMS to make them suitable for the standard peer review. Following the process, accepted manuscripts were edited linguistically and technically by the AEHMS before publication. This special issue contains a large number of articles (16) dealing with the impact of diverse environmental stressors on the following marine ecosystems:

  • South China Sea

  • Pearl River Estuary

  • Northern Yellow Sea

  • Southern Yellow Sea

  • Yangtze River Estuary


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